To stay beautiful, jewelry requires regular maintenance and care. Especially for frequently worn jewelry, it is necessary to clean it from time to time to remove dust, sweat and other impurities. In addition to routine maintenance, we recommend having the jewelry cleaned once a year, or polished professionally.

It is not advisable to wear jewelry during any physical work, sports or sleep, as well as during activities in which they could come into contact with water. Also avoid contact of the jewelry with sharp or hard objects that could scratch it. Especially in the case of jewelry gold-plated or ruthenium-plated. It is also not suitable to clean these jewels too often, which can cause the metallized layer to thin.

Especially silver jewelry, which you do not wear regularly, is relatively easily oxidized. In this case, you can use one of the special cloths designed for cleaning jewelry and gently clean the jewelry with it. In any case, avoid contact of the cloth with the pearls.

Even with gilded products, in exceptional cases, the gold may change color and darken. This is not a surface corrosion or other manufacturing defect, but a normal chemical reaction. Due to the fact that a certain amount of silver is used in the production of gilded jewelry, a reaction between silver and the environment can occur due to the action of a certain type of sweat. As with silver jewelry, the color changes - darkens. In this case, as with silver jewelry, it is possible to use a cleaning cloth to restore the luster. However, do not attempt to clean gold-plated or ruthenium-plated jewelry by any other method. The surface may be scratched and the gold layer may be irreparably damaged. If you are not sure how to clean the product, prefer professional cleaning in a goldsmith's shop.