What is it Ruthenium?

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Ruthenium is a chemical element with symbol Ru and atomic number 44. It is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group of the periodic table. Similar to the other metals of the platinum group, ruthenium is inert to most chemicals. The Russian scientist Karl Ernst Claus discovered the element in 1844 and named it after Ruthenia, the Latin word for Rus'.It is a noble,relatively hard and brittle metal,electrically and thermaly medium well conductive metal.Together with rhodium and palladium belong to the so-called triad of light platinum metals.Smaller amounts of ruthenium is sometimes added into alloys with platinum and palladium to increase their hardness and mechanical resistance.The addition of a small amount of ruthenium to titanium alloys substantially increases its resistance to corrosion.Platinum alloy with addition of 5% ruthenium is used for the production of luxury watches and jewelry with maximum resistance to mechanical or chemical damage.


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