What is it Czech crystal?

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According to European norms, glass goods containing less than 4% lead oxide, is defined as "glass". Glass product that contains more than 10% of lead is "crystal". Glass that contains more than 30% of lead  is described as "high-lead crystal ".
By contrast, in the U.S. just 1% of lead is enough to be classified as crystal glass.
In Bohemia, it is rather a question of meaninig of words so that the term crystal can be used for any sophisticated high-quality glass.Accordind to this,lead crystal is crystal that contains more than 24% PbO

What kind of glass or crystal can you find in our store?

We can offer our customers wide range of original and very attractive hand-made glass products from our skilled glassmakers.

In our store you can find non-lead glass, which is very suitable for daily use at home or in restaurants , and also lead crystal glass.
We are sure that we have something for everyone. 
Products are imported from the Czech Republic, mainly from big factories, but also from small glass studios and  small factories.
We sale traditional and modern crystal glass, white and colored crystal. All products conform to the highest quality and before they get to you they go through the strictest controls.

Czech crystal can be divided into lead crystal and lead-free crystal. In the world  this division does not apply. In our shop we offer our customers a wide range of different glass (crystal) products, mainly from Czech production.


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