Czech Crystal - Store offering Bohemian glass,porcelain,costume jewellery,jewellery with garnets and moldavites.

Czech Crystal is the largest retail shop in the Czech Republic dealing with the sale of traditional Czech products such as  jewellery with Bohemian garnetsjewellery with moldavite, costume jewellery, glass and porcelain.

We operate in the market since 1990 and due to the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers, we decided to allow you to purchase directly from your home.
For visitors of our Karlova crystal stone store we have built glass furnace so that you can visit and see the work of master glassblower. More in our blog.

Why make a puchcese in our store?

We sell original and branded jewelry with a guarantee of quality.
A large amount of jewelry from renowned brands on stock (Oliver Weber, Preciosa, Swarovski)
An exclusive merchandise of brand such as  Bohemia Garnet or Bohemia Glass Bijouterie that you will not find anywhere else.
Wide range of beverage glass or porcelain
The most beautiful offer of crystal chandeliers
We offer sale of jewellery
A lot of goods is on stock
Quick delivery of goods
Taxfree service for foreign customers